Dakota Creek hits Jones Act hurdle in building new vessel


(ANACORTES, Wash.) — Dakota Creek Industries is looking for help from Congress after the shipbuilder discovered it had used too many foreign-fabricated materials in the hull of a $75 million fishing vessel, the Skagit Valley Herald reported.

The 262-foot America’s Finest, contracted by the Washington-based company Fishermen’s Finest, was set to be completed in November. But its hull has more than 1.5 percent foreign-fabricated materials, putting it at odds with provisions of the Jones Act. The only way to fix the problem is for Congress to amend its Coast Guard bill to allow certification of the ship, said Dakota Creek Vice President Mike Nelson.

The problem could potentially have expensive consequences for the shipbuilder, leaving it with a vessel it would have to sell at a loss to a company outside the U.S., Nelson said.

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By Professional Mariner Staff