CSA honors 104 Crowley vessels for safe operations

(JACKSONVILLE, Fla.) — The Chamber of Shipping of America (CSA) has honored 104 vessels owned and/or managed by Crowley Maritime Corp. with annual Jones F. Devlin Awards in recognition of their combined 737 years of incident-free service through 2018.

Of the 104 vessels awarded, 27 have gone without an incident for 10 or more years, including the following vessels:

• Valdez Star, 28 years; 
• Gus E., M/V Chief, M/V Guide, Roger E., each with 20 years;
• M/V Aku, M/V Veteran, and M/V Vigilant, each with 19 years; 
• USNS Impeccable and tug Bulwark, each with 16 years; 
• M/V Guardian and tug Attentive, each with 15 years;
• Tug Aware, 14 years; 
• M/V Master and M/V Response, each with 13 years; 
• M/V Kavik River, Tanerliq and tug Endurance, each with 12 years; 
• M/V Pt. Thompson, M/V Toolik River, M/V Valor, Sea Voyager and ATB Gulf Reliance/650-2, each with 11 years; 
• M/V Goliah, M/V Scout and ATB Courage/650-5, each with 10 years. 

“Crowley’s mariners are committed to safe operations, and it’s a credit to the dedication of these men and women that 104 Crowley vessels receive this award,” said Boren Chambers, director of marine operations, who attended the award reception on June 18. “This recognition reflects our No. 1 core value of safety. Without the skill and dedication of the women and men to work safely, this could not have been achieved.”

Devlin Award certificates are awarded to all manned merchant vessels that have operated for two full years or more without a crewmember losing a full turn at watch because of an occupational injury. This award acknowledges the commitment that crew members have invested into safe vessel operations. CSA has honored Crowley with Devlin Awards every year since 2005.  

“CSA’s members are committed to safe operations and CSA’s involvement in safety is longstanding with our ongoing commitment to represent the industry, domestically and internationally, on safety issues encompassing every facet of ship operations,” said CSA President Kathy Metcalf. “It is only fitting that an industry so focused on safety publicly recognizes the skills and dedication of the women and men who have enabled these many years of safe operations and who are responsible for actions in keeping with the highest traditions of the sea – aid to those in peril."

By Professional Mariner Staff