Coast Guard to close nine NDGPS sites

The following is the text of a news release from the U.S. Coast Guard:

(WASHINGTON) — Nine Coast Guard nationwide differential global positioning system (NDGPS) sites will close Friday.

The U.S. Coast Guard decided to close the sites after reviewing public comments from two Federal Register notices and consulting with the Department of Transportation and Army Corps of Engineers.

In 2015, the Coast Guard, DOT and Army Corps of Engineers proposed decommissioning 62 of the then-existing 84 NDGPS sites. After reviewing the Federal Register comments, the number of site closures was reduced to 37 sites, including 28 Department of Transportation inland sites and nine Coast Guard maritime sites.

“With the numerous navigation tools available, we determined that this reduction in NDGPS sites does not pose a risk to the mariner,” said Cmdr. Justin Kimura from the Coast Guard Physical Aids to Navigation and Position, Navigation and Timing Division. “Mariner safety and situational awareness are our top priorities and these site closures will not affect that.”

The following sites will close: Cold Bay, Alaska; Lompoc, Calif.; Sturgeon Bay, Wis.; Pickford, Mich.; Saginaw Bay, Mich.; Brunswick, Maine; Key West, Fla.; Elgin, Fla.; and Isabela, Puerto Rico.

With the exception of Isabela, Puerto Rico, and Cold Bay, Alaska, where NDPGS coverage will stop, the Coast Guard will continue to provide single-site NDGPS coverage for port and harbor approaches in all areas currently covered by single or multiple-site coverage. The Isabela and Cold Bay sites are being closed due to the lack of expressed mariner interest in those areas.

NDGPS transmissions will continue from the 39 Coast Guard and seven Army Corps of Engineers sites that remain open.

More information on the NDGPS closures is available in the Federal Register notice.

By Professional Mariner Staff