Centerline, Vard to design LNG bunker barge

(SEATTLE) — Centerline Logistics, one of the nation’s largest marine petroleum transportation companies, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with Vard Marine, a naval architecture and marine engineering firm with extensive liquefied natural gas experience, to develop a customized 6,000-cubic-meter LNG  bunker barge.

The Jones Act-compliant, articulated tug-barge (ATB) unit will be designed to safely navigate U.S. and international waters to provide LNG refueling to a variety of ships as well as call at terminals. The barge is expected to go into service in 2024.

Centerline Logistics/Vard Marine rendering

“These are exciting times for LNG as a marine fuel. We are honored to support Centerline to further a more flexible and sustainable LNG marine bunkering infrastructure here in the U.S.,” said Darren Truelock, Vard U.S. vice president of operations.

With over 225 LNG-fueled ships in operation and an additional 400 on order, the need for providing dependable LNG bunkering solutions in the U.S. is growing rapidly.

“As more shipping companies are targeting a goal of net-zero emissions, LNG is going to play a critical role in providing a feasible pathway to that target. Much as we have over the last several decades with our traditional bunkering operations, Centerline is looking forward to providing our customers with safe and reliable LNG bunkering solutions,” said Ravi Sekhon, director of engineering and sustainability at Centerline Logistics.

Last year, Centerline announced its Visionary Fuels Initiative. This effort leverages Centerline’s asset list and industry expertise to develop future marine transportation equipment, standards and technology targeted toward improving environmental stewardship and sustainability within America’s ports and harbors.

“Our work with Vard represents an outstanding opportunity for Centerline to put our bold Visionary Fuels Initiative into action. We are eager to collaborate with Vard to refine the barge design over the next few months and begin construction soon thereafter,” said Rachael Haykin, visionary fuels business development lead.

– Centerline Logistics

By Rich Miller