Calnetix Technologies gets two new electric machine patents

(CERRITOS, Calif.) — Calnetix Technologies, an industry-leading innovator in high-speed motor generators, magnetic bearings and control systems, and energy recovery and storage technologies, has been awarded two new U.S. patents, bringing the company’s patent total to 35.

The new patents are “Constructing an Electric Machine,” by Archie A.T. Andonian, senior R&D scientist at Calnetix, and “Electric Machine with Inner Magnet Hub,” by Patrick T. McMullen, CTO of Calnetix.

“The patent provides a solution that overcomes limitations of thin metallic laminates in electro-mechanical systems, which typically do not have sufficient resistance to thermal and chemical deterioration,” said Andonian. “The new method uses a thin flouropolymer film between laminated steel stacks, providing an excellent bond and a uniform gauge between layers for process consistency. In addition, it provides excellent resistance to chemicals at elevated temperatures and has a very low dielectric constant, which is required to isolate metallic laminations in electric machines.”

“The inner magnet hub machine is unique because it utilizes all the rotating mass available for energy storage,” said McMullen. “The machine uses permanent magnets to generate the magnetic field in the air gap, thus not requiring a separate field circuit that would add losses. And, it does this without the idle losses typical of a permanent magnet machine by using non-metallic coil supports between the hubs. The design provides the performance and efficiency benefits of a permanent magnet machine energy storage system with higher power density and near zero idle losses, a combination that is not available in the market today.”

“We are very proud of the talented engineers within our company who continually push the technological boundaries and advance the state of the art,” said Vatche Artinian, CEO of Calnetix. “Our patented technologies underpin our success as an industry leading innovator in high-speed motor generators, magnetic bearings, control systems, and energy recovery and storage.”

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By Professional Mariner Staff