C & C introduces the C-Nav1010 GPS Receiver

(LAFAYETTE, LA – January 2, 2008) C & C Technologies has released the C-Nav1010, a new GPS receiver that uses the C-Nav Global Satellite GPS Correction Service.

“The C-Nav1010 is breaking new ground,” said Tim Patro, C-Nav Division Manager at C & C Technologies. “The new receiver provides sub-meter performance by tightly integrating Precise Point Positioning (PPP) correction data with single-frequency GPS measurements.”  PPP previously required a high-end dual frequency receiver. “The new C-Nav1010 is unique because it contains an L1 GPS package. Clients who can accept a reasonable compromise in accuracy are rewarded with a substantial reduction in hardware cost.”

The standard C-Nav1010 system comprises a high-sensitivity single-frequency (L1) GPS receiver integrated with an L-Band demodulator operating on a single antenna. The custom built demodulator receives GPS corrections, QC, and integrity data from a constellation of six high-power Inmarsat communication satellites. This constellation provides 200 percent coverage from latitudes 72° North to 72° South. A separate L-band antenna is required for areas of extreme latitudes and the C-Nav1010 is capable of using WAAS, EGNOS, and external RTCM correction data.

This tightly integrated package is purpose-built to maximize precision and stability in noisy and hostile environments such as on offshore vessels and close to large structures.  C-Nav1010’s access to multiple communication satellites reduces outages when operating in these challenging situations.

By Professional Mariner Staff