BC Ferries cites errors by bridge crew in docking accident

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(LANGDALE, British Columbia) — A BC Ferries investigation has determined that a company vessel which crashed into a dock in March was going too fast at the wrong angle due to a series of mistakes by the crew, CBC News reported.

Queen of Surrey struck a section of the Langdale terminal on March 26 with enough speed to damage part of the bow and car deck. Hundreds of passengers were trapped for about 10 hours as staff worked to free the ship. No injuries were reported.

BC Ferries found that the two officers on the bridge did not follow a pre-arrival checklist as they approached the dock. The vessel had not been slowed properly for arrival, and the turn toward the dock was poorly aimed, according to the report. 

"The reason why they didn't use the checklist is simply because they were under various pressures at the time due to the fact that it's a large ship arriving in a dock on a timeline and somebody made a mistake," said Darren Johnston, executive director of fleet operations for BC Ferries.

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By Professional Mariner Staff