Seafarer happiness continues to improve

Mariners felt better about their jobs during the last few months of 2022 as disruptions from Covid-19 continued to fall away. 

The Seafarers Happiness Index report was published in January by The Mission to Seafarers, which is based in London. The organization publishes the report four times each year to gauge sentiments among mariners working around the world. 

The overall “Happiness Index” for the last quarter of 2022 rose to 7.69 out of 10. That is a marked improvement from the first survey of 2022, which showed 5.85 happiness rating due largely to low morale during the Covid-19 pandemic. The survey showed steadily improving results throughout 2022. 

“The results of the survey show that even the historically most problematic areas, such as shore leave and access to welfare ashore, are recovering,” according to the report. “Crewmembers continued to express their relief at the return of freedom of movement, as well as their increased sense of certainty and stability.”

Crewmembers around the world have ongoing concerns about internet connectivity while at sea. Cost is also a factor even when such connection is widely available. 

“Many seafarers believe such access would improve social life at sea with responses like, ‘We gathered to watch live World Cup football and the atmosphere on board was fantastic,’” the report said.

Mission to Seafarers received surveys from mariners around the world. Roughly 8 percent of respondents are based in North America.