AMP honors sacrifice, dedication of the American mariner


(WASHINGTON) — The American Maritime Partnership (AMP), the voice of the nation’s domestic maritime industry, will culminate its yearlong celebration of American maritime heroes by honoring the American mariner.

AMP recognizes the service of those who have served in support of our nation over the past century during World War II, Korea, Vietnam, two Persian Gulf wars, and other major conflicts. The U.S. merchant mariners who serve today – including Navy and Coast Guard mariners – carry forward the tradition of the generations of mariners who faced unimaginable and often thankless circumstances to help position our military forces for success.


In 2020, with COVID-19 as the enemy, American mariners selflessly continued to serve, delivering food and supplies that are essential to every American right here at home. We must continue to support this critical civilian force, in both times of peace and conflict, and never forget those who laid down their lives for our freedom.

“There is no more appropriate way to highlight this centennial celebration than to recognize and honor the American mariner, and the sacrifice and contribution of mariners to this great maritime nation,” said Mike Roberts, president of the American Maritime Partnership. “American mariners – both today and throughout our history – truly have been American maritime heroes.”

The American Maritime Heroes campaign has recognized individuals and groups of individuals who have added to the rich history of the United States as a maritime nation through their courage, outstanding achievements and noble qualities. This campaign celebrates the passage of the Merchant Marine Act of 1920 (also known as the Jones Act). The Jones Act is a fundamental law that for nearly a century, along with other related coastwise laws, has ensured that all vessels transporting goods between U.S. ports are American-built, -flagged, -owned and -crewed. Moreover, the law ensures a qualified pool of mariners to crew American vessels, enables readiness of the nation’s defense shipbuilding industrial base and sealift capabilities, and sustains our strategic seaports for times of war or national emergencies.

Throughout 2020, AMP has recognized a wide range of American maritime heroes – dating back to a founding father, those who have served our nation so nobly during times of peace and war, those who have told the stories of maritime in film, and those who have served in Congress and as Cabinet secretaries. The American Maritime Heroes campaign served as a reminder of the undeniable importance of America as a maritime nation and the role of the maritime industry to prosperity and security.

– American Maritime Partnership

By Professional Mariner Staff