ALPENGLOW LIGHTS, LLC Introduce New LED Overhead Area Light for Marine Interiors

January, 2011 Alpenglow Lights, offering interior marine lighting for over 20 years, is very pleased to announce its new LED Overhead light model. Upon extensive testing, R&D, and prototyping Alpenglow has developed its new LED Overhead light which they feel lives up to their high quality standards. It’s much more than a typical, narrow-beamed LED “downlight” in performance. Combined with its prismatic curved lens, the new LED Overhead light provides wide-angle, even illumination in area lighting for the marine interior application and on-board livability. Their new LED Overhead light will provide the same pleasant warm light quality and color rendition to which Alpengtow customers are accustomed! Alpenglow lights also added a Power Converter/Battery Charger to its product line, in addition to its interior marine lights. The purpose for doing so is to provide its customers with a reliable and dependable source for a high quality marine-related item with ease and convenience, that guarantees the same commitment to exceptional customer service that their Alpenglow customers deserve. Contact Information: Web Site: www.alpenglowlights.

By Professional Mariner Staff