ABS Nautical Systems software donation will help keep historic ship alive

S.S. American Victory

(HOUSTON, TX — October 22, 2007) ABS Nautical Systems (ABS NS) has donated the NS 5 Maintenance & Repair fleet management software to the historic S.S. American Victory museum ship, one of only four remaining WWII Merchant Ships still sailing under the U.S. flag.

The NS 5 Maintenance & Repair software is a comprehensive planned maintenance program that builds a maintenance history through the routine documentation of work completed.  Additionally, the software provides the ability to track all surveys, certificates and work required for class and regulatory bodies.

“What this software does is essential to us,” says the American Victory’s Ship Administrator, Kurt Voss. Maintenance for the ship is performed by volunteers, and Voss admits that “while we have made a valiant effort at establishing a scheduled maintenance plan, progress has been slow and difficult, primarily due to a lack of resources.  This donation is nothing short of a godsend.”

Having spent 12 years at the Texas Seaport Museum prior to joining the S.S. American Victory, Voss recognizes the challenges faced when maintaining museum vessels in sailing condition. “I believe museum ships should be kept operational,” he says “and we can only continue to keep the Victory alive through routine maintenance.  This software is crucial to her survival.”

By Professional Mariner Staff