A grand Transas simulation project in Iraq

November, 2013 – Basra, Iraq. Transas Middle East equips Arabian Gulf Academy For Maritime Studies in Basra with three simulators.
Arabian Gulf Academy For Maritime Studies, situated in Basra – the biggest Iraqi port and one of the biggest cities of the country – will soon be able to offer its students a high-class hands-on training using three simulators from Transas: Engine Room simulator ERS 5000, GMDSS simulator and Radar/ARPA simulator. The simulators will provide trainees with a wide range of navigational and engineering skills.
Engineers will acquire knowledge of operating an engine room, using ERS 5000. Trainees can receive training based on a general cargo vessel model, including a general cargo propulsion and electric plant simulation. The classroom is equipped with 14 workstations.
The Transas GMDSS simulator TGS 5000 is designed for training and examination of seafarers, who are going to obtain General Operator Certificate (GOC) or Restricted Operator Certificate (ROC). The simulator fully complies with IMO Resolution 4.703 (17) and the latest STCW code requirements. Each of eight trainee consoles include control panels of VHF&DSC, MF/HF&DSC, remote alarm/distress box for Inmarsat mini-C GMDSS and battery panel. One of the features of this simulator is imitation of radio wave propagation using radio ether model, which takes into account the frequency range, time of the day and distance between the stations. Trainees will also have a possibility to change from the network operation to the single-user mode to provide self-education while learning and testing.
Radar/ARPA simulation module, being installed at the Basra Maritime Academy, is the third generation of radar system from Transas. It is fully compliant with the latest standards for radar, chart radar and ARPA. Transas Radar/ARPA has a capability to simulate a wide range of realistic effects: shaded areas, loss of targets in heavy sea, radar picture changes depending on ship’s rolling and pitching, echo-signals of different range depending on geometry and reflection capability of a shore line. The classroom will be equipped for 8 trainees.
About Arabian Gulf Academy For Maritime Studies: Arabian Gulf Academy for Maritime Studies (AGAMS) is a government institution. It was established in 1975 under the republican decree. The Academy campus is situated on 4000 square meters located in Five Miles city, Basra province, in South Iraq at the seaside of Shat Al-Arab. The Academy first opened for students in 1977. The mission of the Academy is to qualify seafarers for the merchant fleets of Iraq.
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By Professional Mariner Staff