White paper targets ECDIS Type Specific questions

The following is the text of a news release from ECDIS Ltd.:

(WHITELEY, United Kingdom) — A 94-page white paper on ECDIS Type Specific covering all aspects, from the 38 manufacturers to charting and training options, is now available for download at www.eMaritimeGroup.com.

The white paper tackles the problem that there is no "standard mode," no matter how often it may have been requested by the industry, and many would say needed.

ECDIS manufacturers offer products ranging widely in price and seafarer reports on reliability appear to range from four hours to a lifetime of no trouble. They all vary in charting options, and some have moved completely away from the traditional raster format (such as ARCS) as an option during periods of RCDS mode at sea, albeit there is not 100 percent global coverage of all ENC scales 1-5. Some require significant training and others can be picked up within hours.

The white paper has been produced by a team of experienced ECDIS users and officers who over the years have written many publications and articles on ECDIS featuring most of the 38 manufacturers, including the IMO-adopted ECDIS manual. It has been produced in response to the overwhelming requests from an international client base of over 250 shipping companies that want to understand more about the complex issues relating to the ever-developing ECDIS navigation options required on an estimated 50,000-plus international trading ships.

The core issue of the complexity centers around the perceived varying standards of the different ECDIS systems and the associated training standards for the safe and effective transition from paper to ECDIS. Although some of the 171 member states and IMO have given guidance on ECDIS Type Specific procedures and training, there has been no definitive documentation addressing these issues and concerns. This white paper has been created to help readers understand the issue, solve their problems, and help them make decisions in arguably the most complicated and significant evolution at sea since the transition from sail to steam.

For more information, visit www.ecdis.org.

By Professional Mariner Staff