Technicold Selected for Commercial Fishing Vessel

(Marine NewsWire) Technicold by Northern Lights, an industry leader in marine HVACR systems, has been selected to supply the cooling and heating system on the environmentally friendly long-linerNorthern Leader.
Technicold will provide a complete climate control system to the 184 ft. commercial fishing vessel. Technicold components include a three-stage 360,000 BTU/hour chilled water system. It incorporates a new two-stage 18kW immersion heating system, uniquely designed for this project. The air handlers will provide both heat and air conditioning to the ship’s galley, pilot house, crew and common areas. The fresh air make-up system supplied by Technicold will ensure temperature and humidity-controlled air is delivered throughout the vessel.
Northern Leader is under construction at J.M. Martinac Shipbuilding Corporation in Tacoma, Wash. Designed by Jensen Maritime Consultants for Alaska Leader Fisheries, the vessel boasts an environmentally conscious design that allows for full utilization of targeted fish species only. Northern Leader has also been designed for fuel efficiency, to reduce waste and to maximize the value of the catch.    
Technicold chilled-water air conditioning systems have long been regarded as the industry standard in simple, reliable design. Technicold is ideally suited for the demanding marine environment, incorporating self-contained water chillers, single pass fluted coaxial cupro-nickel condenser coils and drip-free evaporator assemblies that require no drip pans. The unique rack configuration permits access for service and maintenance, with minimal space requirement while maintaining optimal performance. 
“Technicold has been used on several of our smaller tug projects,” said J.M. Martinac vice president, Joe Martinac. “On a boat this size, we are impressed with their ability to provide individual climate control in all of the spaces on board.”
“We have received great support throughout the project, both locally and on a national basis,” Martinac continued.“We have not found this level of support from other HVACR companies we’ve worked with. Technicold has been a delight throughout the process – very knowledgeable and supportive.”
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By Professional Mariner Staff