Land and Marine Products Ltd. supporting migrant rescues with Jacob's Cradle

(FLEET, HAMPSHIRE, United Kingdom) — Land and Marine Products Ltd. is a local company that manufactures a man-overboard safety device called the Jason’s Cradle. The Jason's Cradle MOB system is used globally in every military, commercial, rescue, and leisure area within the marine sector. The commercial units are fully SOLAS approved.

The Jason's Cradle is designed to retrieve people quickly and horizontally from the water, thus reducing the possibilities of “dry drowning” now more commonly known as Circum Rescue Collapse. The horizontal lift for a MOB has now become critical in the modern marine world and by using the Jason's Cradle not only is this achievable, but it is one of the safest and quickest methods of retrieval for conscious and unconscious casualties.

Land and Marine Products Ltd. has recently entered into discussions with MOAS, the Migrant Offshore Aid Station, based in Malta. MOAS consists of international humanitarians, security professionals, medical staff, and experienced maritime officers who have come together to help prevent further catastrophes at sea. MOAS is the first privately-funded mission to assist migrants at sea. Its primary aim is to reduce loss of life during dangerous migrant crossings from North Africa to Europe. The project was inspired by several recent catastrophes in the Mediterranean, which migrants regularly attempt to cross in unseaworthy vessels. MOAS has itself received a wide variety of press attention due to the nature of the work it is completing.

MOAS is currently equipped with a 40-meter expedition vessel, Phoenix, two remote piloted aircraft, two RHIBs (rigid-hulled inflatable boats), and a highly experienced team of rescuers and paramedics. Since it was established in 2013, MOAS has rescued over 6,000 migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea.

Due to the increasing number of migrants unsuccessfully attempting to make this crossing, Land and Marine Products Ltd. is donating four Jason’s Cradle units to MOAS. Land and Marine Products Ltd. will supply two FRC kits (fast rescue kits), one for each RHIB, a standard 1050 mm W x 4570 mm L Cradle Unit and a Large Stretcher Unit.

The units were dispatched from the Fleet manufacturing site on Thursday afternoon and should arrive at MOAS by the middle of next week. Land and Marine Products Managing Director Garth Matthews is due to fly to Malta to meet with Ian Ruggier of MOAS on June 20. Matthews will spend two to three days with MOAS training the highly capable team in how best to use the Jason’s Cradle units.

For more information, contact either Amy Parkes or Helen Biles using or 01202 874365.

By Professional Mariner Staff