IMTRA announces CLite2 high-output LED searchlight

(NEW BEDFORD, Mass.) — IMTRA, a leading manufacturer and importer of marine products, has announced availability of its new high-output LED searchlight, the Colorlight CLite2.

The Colorlight CLite2 is the first compact, high-output LED searchlight that provides full movement on both the X axis and Y axis for unlimited rotation with no hard stops. The LED lights are installed in a powder-coated aluminum housing that provides optimal heat disbursement. The searchlight features an acid-proof, stainless-steel base and can be networked with multiple intuitive panels allowing operation from an unlimited number of operator stations.

“When a vessel is in a situation that requires a searchlight, lives may be hanging in the balance,” said Alex Larsen, vice president of commercial sales, IMTRA. “While some existing searchlights offer 360- or even 370-degree movement, when they hit the hard stop the operator is required to spin the light back around and reacquire the target. This can be all that is needed for a person overboard or an obstruction in the water to be lost. The unlimited versatility and maneuverability of the CLite2 makes it the perfect option for any vessel.”

Available with or without an integrated FLIR thermal imaging camera, the Colorlight CLite2 can operate up to 10 years without scheduled maintenance and is at home in the harshest of conditions. Designed for patrol and service vessels including police, fire, and search-and-rescue units, pilot boats, and wind farm maintenance boats, as well as recreational yachts in the 45- to 125-foot range, the CLite2 has a beam angle of 5 degrees, a range of 4,921 feet (1,500 meters) and continuous maneuverability for superior sea area coverage. For installation in 24 VDC, and 100-240 VAC environments, the CLite2 draws 850 W maximum and has a dimmable output of up to 2.4 million candela and 40,000 lumens. The unit measures 19.61 inches high, 22.24 inches wide and has a depth of 10.04 inches — ideal for installations where space is limited and a high-intensity light is needed. Fully networkable, a combination of multiple searchlights and control panels can be networked together over Ethernet. Optional controls include sweep, surveillance, fixed-position and network synchronization.

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By Professional Mariner Staff