Hornblower hiring crew for new Citywide Ferry service

Stern Portside View

The following is the text of a news release from Hornblower:

(NEW YORK‚ — As we expand New York City’s ferry service to 16 total Citywide Ferries covering six routes stretching over 60 miles of waterways from the Bronx and Astoria to the Rockaways, we will be building a team of talented people with a passion for our riders and the maritime transportation profession. The launch of Citywide Ferry by Hornblower will be drastically expanding the number of maritime industry jobs in New York City, and this is the time for you to polish up your resume and send it our way.

As “the latest evolution in New York City’s 200-year history of water mass transit” in a city where New Yorkers and Brooklynites crossed the river between the two boroughs some 40 million times a year in the 1850s, Citywide Ferry is bringing a lost transit solution back to life this year. By allowing New Yorkers from a multitude of neighborhoods to work, live and play in their own city in an effortless way, it is of high importance for Citywide Ferry to build a team of skillful, focused and passionate maritime professionals.

In the next few months we will be looking for the best talent to bring this amazing vision to reality, so to show the commitment of finding the most reliable employees to keep our riders safe during our hiring process, we are currently offering new captains a $2,500 signing bonus, which is contingent upon working 90 days and successful completion of all required training.

Are you looking to make your next career move one that will change the city’s landscape? Citywide Ferry by Hornblower is currently hiring port captains, captains and deck hands. Click on the links for the job descriptions.

By Professional Mariner Staff