Historic ATB partnership between Taisei Engineering of Tokyo Japan and Bludworth Cook Marine of Houston, Texas

The two oldest ATB systems in the world are joined now to provide sales, service, and support in the United States for the ATB systems manufactured by Taisei Engineering of Japan.

Since 1972, Taisei Engineering has sold 245 ATB units worldwide, more than all the other ATB manufacturers in the world combined. Their ATB systems are divided into two series—2-pin supporting articulate connection ARTICOUPLE, similar to those manufactured in the United States, and 3-pin supporting rigid connection TRIOFIX—and, though the latter series TRIOFIX is not found in the United States for the moment, this series, combined with the special hull-design technique developed by Mr. Yamaguchi of Taisei, can realize much higher speed with smaller engine power with less emission and is expected to make economical contribution to the ATB operators and ecological contribution to the society at the same time.

Mr. Yamaguchi and Richard and Robert Bludworth were both early pioneers of ocean ATB pushing systems, both starting on opposite sides of the world developing their designs in the 1960’s.

Articouple and Trioflex ATB systems are now available with full service support in the USA by Richard Bludworth and John Cook and their respective organizations Bludworth Marine LLC and Bludworth Cook Marine Inc.

By Professional Mariner Staff